Creator Toolbox: Tools, Mindset and Workflows for Content Creators

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Colin Gray and Jacob Anderson

02 April 2024

56m 37s

The Serial Creation Tactic for A+ Content, plus New Ways to Screen Record, Note-Take & Homestead



In this episode, Colin shares his experience with, a versatile video production studio for screen recorded (and wider!) content, and discusses his interest in LearnCraft's unique approach to Spanish learning content. Jacob, on the other hand, talks about his use of AudioPen as a tool to transform messy ideas into coherent thoughts and shares his fascination with homesteader and short-form video creator Nate Petroski. Then, they both delve into the idea of writing and recording in quick succession to be able to create more content in less time, and better content at that!

Tune in to discover how these tools and creators are shaping the landscape of learning and content creation.