Creator Toolbox: Tools, Mindset and Workflows for Content Creators

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Podcast by Colin Gray and Jacob Anderson

Creator Toolbox: Tools, Mindset and Workflows for Content Creators

The Creator Toolbox is all about the nuts and buts behind every creator business. We'll cover the gear and tools you need to run your creator business, and dig into how to stay consistent, how to monetise, and how to start to take your creator business seriously. Join Colin Gray (Founder of Alitu and The Podcast Host, a $1m+ creator business) and Jacob Anderson (Head of Growth at Alitu) as they dig into their experience in running a creator business since 2010.

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04 June 2024

Managing your Content INPUT for Better OUTPUT & Sharing our Convertkit Automation Experiences

Hey folks! Welcome to another episode of the Creator Toolbox. I'm Colin Gray from, and as always, I'm joined by the most excellent Jacob Anderson.

We kick off today by exploring our recent adventures with ConvertKit, where we've managed to automate 80% of our newsletter creation while attempting to keep that personal touch. We'll share how this blend of automation and personalization is saving us time and boosting our engagement rates.

Jacob then takes us down a rabbit hole with a case study of Modern Malinois, a dog training business that turned their local service into a global creator business. He breaks down the steps they took, from engaging YouTube shorts to exclusive email courses, and how you can apply these strategies to your own business.

We also discuss some great little tools to help manage your newsletters and subscriptions. Stoop Inbox and Omnivore are your friend in keeping email clutter-free and our minds focused on the content that truly matters.

Lastly, we shine the spotlight on Chris Williamson, a podcaster who’s recently blown up with his innovative video wall episodes. We delve into his journey, the importance of consistency, and the power of immersive, high-quality content.

Tune in for practical tips, real-world examples, and some good old creator inspiration. Don't forget to send us your challenges and business ideas – we’d love to help you turn them into successful creator ventures!



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24 May 2024

From Low Motivation to High Output: Journaling, Streaming, and Productivity Tips

In this episode, we dive deep into the realities of being a creator, from those high-energy productive days to the inevitable low-energy slumps. We'll share our personal experiences and strategies for staying productive even when motivation dips.

Jacob kicks things off by talking about how taking a break can sometimes be the most productive thing you do, sharing his own experience with a low-energy day and the benefits of simple tasks and a good walk. We then discuss the importance of valuing thinking time and how sometimes, sitting and staring at a wall can be the key to unlocking your next big idea.

We'll also delve into some of the tools we're currently loving, including the Streamer X from Rode and how it can up your streaming game by integrating DSLR quality into your video content. Plus, Jacob introduces a fantastic journaling workflow that incorporates the latest AI technology to help you process and organize your thoughts more efficiently.

Finally, we touch on the evolving nature of our creative journey, reflecting on the early days of The Podcast Host and how those lessons can apply to building new content platforms today. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your creative process, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice to help you along the way.



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07 May 2024

Manifestly for Creating as a Team, CrazyEgg for Crazy Content insights, and Premiere's new Auto-editing features: with Richard Tubb

In this episode, we talk to Richard Tubb, from, about his life as a creator, as well as a new set of tools and frameworks that you can use in your own work. Things like:

  • Manifestly for SOPs and task management
  • Timetastic for managing team holidays
  • Crazyegg for website analytics, surveys and user experience tracking
  • Adobe Premiere updates to help with automating parts of editing
  • Monetising your content through evangelism

Thanks for listening!



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29 April 2024

From Idea to Reality: Using AI to Build Software for Your Audience

In this episode of Creator Toolbox, Jacob and Bran explore the exciting world of AI tools for non-technical creators. They discuss the rise of AI in the creator industry and the impact it has on building software. From the powerful capabilities of Chat GPT to the time-saving features of Copilot and Cursor, they highlight how these tools can help creators bring their ideas to life. They also emphasize the importance of adapting to this technological evolution and using AI as a helpful tool rather than a threat. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or entrepreneur, this episode will inspire you to take the leap and explore the endless possibilities of AI in your creative business.



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18 April 2024

From Hobby to $4.5M: One Creator's Journey to Mastering Sponsorships

In this episode, sponsorship expert Justin Moore shares his insights and strategies for creators looking to build successful sponsorship partnerships. Justin discusses how he narrowed his focus to specialize in sponsorships, gives us a couple of great frameworks to help us improve our approach, and also highlights two key tools he uses in his creating: Help This Book for getting early feedback on his book manuscriptand Senja for collecting and showcasing testimonials from sponsorship partners.

He dives deep into the importance of testimonials, both from customers and sponsorship partners, and explains his "Sponsorship Continuum" framework for tailoring your sponsorship pitch based on the size of your audience. Justin also shares the "Audience First Offers" approach, which helps creators prioritize serving their community over just promoting their own products.

Throughout the conversation, Justin emphasizes the importance of transparency, vulnerability, and resilience in the creator journey. He shares lessons learned from building a multi-million dollar sponsorship business, as well as advice on improving video production quality to impress potential brand partners.

Whether you're just starting to explore sponsorships or are looking to level up your existing partnerships, this episode is packed with actionable insights and inspiration from a leading creator economy expert.



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02 April 2024

The Serial Creation Tactic for A+ Content, plus New Ways to Screen Record, Note-Take & Homestead

In this episode, Colin shares his experience with, a versatile video production studio for screen recorded (and wider!) content, and discusses his interest in LearnCraft's unique approach to Spanish learning content. Jacob, on the other hand, talks about his use of AudioPen as a tool to transform messy ideas into coherent thoughts and shares his fascination with homesteader and short-form video creator Nate Petroski. Then, they both delve into the idea of writing and recording in quick succession to be able to create more content in less time, and better content at that!

Tune in to discover how these tools and creators are shaping the landscape of learning and content creation.