Creator Toolbox: Tools, Mindset and Workflows for Content Creators

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Colin Gray and Jacob Anderson

04 June 2024

44m 4s

Managing your Content INPUT for Better OUTPUT & Sharing our Convertkit Automation Experiences



Hey folks! Welcome to another episode of the Creator Toolbox. I'm Colin Gray from, and as always, I'm joined by the most excellent Jacob Anderson.

We kick off today by exploring our recent adventures with ConvertKit, where we've managed to automate 80% of our newsletter creation while attempting to keep that personal touch. We'll share how this blend of automation and personalization is saving us time and boosting our engagement rates.

Jacob then takes us down a rabbit hole with a case study of Modern Malinois, a dog training business that turned their local service into a global creator business. He breaks down the steps they took, from engaging YouTube shorts to exclusive email courses, and how you can apply these strategies to your own business.

We also discuss some great little tools to help manage your newsletters and subscriptions. Stoop Inbox and Omnivore are your friend in keeping email clutter-free and our minds focused on the content that truly matters.

Lastly, we shine the spotlight on Chris Williamson, a podcaster who’s recently blown up with his innovative video wall episodes. We delve into his journey, the importance of consistency, and the power of immersive, high-quality content.

Tune in for practical tips, real-world examples, and some good old creator inspiration. Don't forget to send us your challenges and business ideas – we’d love to help you turn them into successful creator ventures!