Creator Toolbox: Tools, Mindset and Workflows for Content Creators

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Colin Gray and Jacob Anderson

18 April 2024

47m 5s

From Hobby to $4.5M: One Creator's Journey to Mastering Sponsorships



In this episode, sponsorship expert Justin Moore shares his insights and strategies for creators looking to build successful sponsorship partnerships. Justin discusses how he narrowed his focus to specialize in sponsorships, gives us a couple of great frameworks to help us improve our approach, and also highlights two key tools he uses in his creating: Help This Book for getting early feedback on his book manuscriptand Senja for collecting and showcasing testimonials from sponsorship partners.

He dives deep into the importance of testimonials, both from customers and sponsorship partners, and explains his "Sponsorship Continuum" framework for tailoring your sponsorship pitch based on the size of your audience. Justin also shares the "Audience First Offers" approach, which helps creators prioritize serving their community over just promoting their own products.

Throughout the conversation, Justin emphasizes the importance of transparency, vulnerability, and resilience in the creator journey. He shares lessons learned from building a multi-million dollar sponsorship business, as well as advice on improving video production quality to impress potential brand partners.

Whether you're just starting to explore sponsorships or are looking to level up your existing partnerships, this episode is packed with actionable insights and inspiration from a leading creator economy expert.